Teaspoons of Change Resources

Downloadable and Free to Use PDF's

Global Citizen Booklet

To engage you with the Global Goals and being an active and effective global citizen!

ToC A To Z for Sustainability

Compile a list of actions for sustainability for each letter of the alphabet!

Global Goals Bingo

Create Teaspoons of Change for each of the 17 Global Goals!

50 Teaspoons

A list of 50 small and important Teaspoons of Change you can do every day

Award System

For Schools and Businesses
Matching your Teaspoons of Change with donations having global impacts


d’Arcy’s full presentation
Click below for PDF Version with links to videos

Teaspoons to Advocacy

Share your Teaspoons of Change with others


From Young People, for Young People

Action Worksheets

Cut up, shuffle, and put back together!

Guide to T-spoons of Action!

Create your own actions associated with each of the Global Goals…

Turning Ideas Into Action

8-step process to turn a good idea into an action with appropriate outcomes

Teaspoons Cut Out Templates

Template to cut out individual Teaspoons of Change to print, write & display!

All Resources

For Teaspoons of Change and the Global Goals

Making the most of your Overseas Experience

25 Ways to contribute after an overseas experience in your community!

Lessons from Captain Marvel

Lessons to learn from Captain Marvel for International Women’s Day