Ways to Engage

A Teaspoons of Change engagement bringing global citizenship, the SDGs and sense of purpose to your business & employees!

Any of the following key menu items could be included in an engagement & tailored to suit the specific needs of the business


Intro presentation on SDGs Executives, board, staff, whole org  10 mins – 1 hr
Visioning and design workshop Executives, directors, specialised leaders & teams 2 hrs
Workshop(s) Whole org, sections, specialised groups 1-6 hrs; 2-5 days
Implementation Meeting(s) Team leaders and influencers 1hr
Implementation Meeting(s) Work with specialised roles in sustainability, HR, wellbeing and other relevant roles 1 hr + as needed
Specialised meetings Section heads, admin, marketing, comms & other relevant cogs in the business 1hr
Workshop to maintain progress Select staff as an SDG working group 2 hrs –  half-day
External presentation / workshop Clients, customers or community 15 mins – 1-4 hrs
ToCh business audit on SDGs, sustainability and inclusion d’Arcy observing business and casual conversations with relevant staff Half – full day(s)
Promotion, marketing and materials Teaspoons of Change team to enhance narratives & collateral with SDGs Half – full day(s)
Work specifically on special project, topic, unit, event, etc. d’Arcy & ToC team supporting working group or project team to include SDGs As needed 
Videos highlighting your business and the SDGs Serafina from ToC makes videos used for internal / external promotion & social media 1-2 days
Awards System or Campaign d’Arcy to align values and actions in a unique award system with double impact Half – full day(s)

Health Check

Connection to values; leadership, teamwork, global citizenship; communication; personal purpose; personal development; social, environmental and global justice; the Global Goals and sense of community, connection and culture. This will be done in conversation and online surveys.


As part of the Health Check, a Rubric to identify strengths, challenges, opportunities, desirables and current standards on all things to do with social, environmental and global justice including: vision and mission, values, CRS and service programs, day to day activities and actions for and from staff and more


Simple survey to test knowledge and attitudes towards global citizenship, the Global Goals and being an empowered and active part of the solution. To be compared with post-testing at the end of the program

Detailed Diagnosis with Prescription

A detailed diagnosis from the Health Check and Rubric that prioritises biggest and most realistic impacts, we then work with the client to decide what to focus on (diagnosis) and how to approach it (prescription)


One-off or as a part of the package to inform and inspire context and relevance of Teaspoons of Change in daily work, personal purpose and the big vision of the business with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development


Working with groups from two hours to 18 months (and in between) adding models, mindsets, concepts, context and purpose to the big vision of the business and personal development

Professional Development

Working in a more personalised and specialised way with those who are the key internal actors for social, environmental and global change related roles – CSR, Senior Leaders


One-off or as a part of the package and specifically tailored to the needs of the business and its people to address specific needs and outcomes. See the list of specialties to choose from to have one or more seminars to hone a particular area

Global Citizen in Residence

A resource, presence and support for the integration of global citizenship and sense personal purpose


A consolidated workbook to support the realignment of the business as an entity, and at the personal level, so the realignment set up by Teaspoons of Change can continue and serve as a reminder, with updates, of what it means to integrate Teaspoons of Change and the Global Goals

Final Report

Within two weeks of the final health check the final report will contain observations, highlights, recommendations and future opportunities for the business to continue their engagement with Teaspoons of Change and the Global Goals


An ongoing commitment from Teaspoons of Change to check-in with any client who has engaged in a Teaspoons of Change package. This is a periodical check-in (exponential: 3 months, 6 months, one year or as requested) to evaluate sustainability, progress and feedforward from the process

Alumni Pool

A network of Teaspoons of Change alumni for key contact people from each client to connect and share ideas, actions, practices, resources and opportunities

Continuation and Connections

Teaspoons of Change is highly connected to an abundance of good people doing good things and can connect for future action

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