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See PDF overview of how Polio Points works & how it’s used around the world…

Polio Points since 2012 & used around the world...

Polio Points was created in 2012 by two teachers at International School Brunei and then supported and grown with Teaspoons of Change. There are schools in Brunei, Thailand, Jordan, Kuwait, Australia and other spots in the world that have used Polio Points to match school points and breed a culture of connection, rather than competition, and work together towards the global eradication of polio!


Students do good deeds locally creating ‘Teaspoons of Change’ and are awarded points

Points are matched by a donor

Donations go to polio eradication where they are matched with the Gates Foundation

For Example


Students live the school’s values or learner profiles


Those acts are matched with a point & donation


The donations support the global eradication of polio!

At International Community School, Jordan in its first year…

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