Exceptional Travel Experiences

Confident, Safe & Inspired Travel for Ultimate Interactions

Are you thinking of travelling for the first time or somewhere unknown? 

Are you getting ready for a gap year of passion and purpose?

Do you want to ease your worries of travelling, or the worries of your family and friends?

This service exists for more people to experience the beauty of the world, in a beautiful way…

Volunteer in the Arctic, Central Asia or Latin America, work and travel in Japan, or budget travel connecting with cultures – these are a few exceptional travel experiences d’Arcy lived & might be waiting for you!

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Be a confident, safe and inspired traveller connecting with the beauty and variety of people, places and cultures on the planet

Travel Tips Service

This service is for anyone seeking to make their travels more meaningful, significant and rich in experiences.  The service includes:

  • Personal sessions and workshops for pending travellers (and their families!)
  • Creative conversations filled with advice, tips, experiences and expertise
  • Follow up connections with links to resources, organisations and possible opportunities
  • Post-trip support on how to fit back in at home and honour the life perspectives gained

Independent and intentional travellers, and/or their concerned family or friends, will especially appreciate a connection with d’Arcy to gain a sense of confidence and inspiration for a life of travel.

Travel Tips Sessions

In-person sessions or online Zoom video calls as well as follow up links, connections and resources (extra time allocated for online video calls to allow for technical aspects and possible delays)

Travel Tips Guide

d’Arcy Lunn has been travelling continuously for the past 19 years to more than 90 countries including working with UNICEF, Gates Foundation and others. d’Arcy is also the Founder and Director of Teaspoons of Change – spreading small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet – especially while travelling!

His travel experiences have included: 

  • Living at least two years on every continent (except Antarctica)
  • Solo backpacking, extensive volunteering, climbing mountains & a wonderful mix of travel & work for 19 years! 
  • Working with major aid & development organisations as well as creating, finding & supporting purpose-driven projects
  • Either going to a place I want to explore &  find meaningful experiences OR find a program with meaningful experiences & go anywhere it sends me…

d’Arcy is a highly knowledgeable and vastly experienced traveller whose life has been rich in perspectives and experiences. He offers key and unique insights into travelling safely on a budget, while exploring different cultures and landscapes.

Since 2009 d’Arcy has given over 1000 presentations and workshops to more than 100,000 people on global citizenship, sustainability and living a happier, simpler life rich in experiences.

d’Arcy is also well connected to other incredible travellers, culturalists and adventurers such as: 

  • Kate Leeming – is an educator and runs Breaking the Cycle aiming to cycle across the Antarctic continent via the South Pole and has cycled over 100,000kms in many different spots around the world
  • Claire Bennett – is the co-founder of Learning Service and has over a decade of experience working with travellers, communities and companies on ethical voluntourism and responsible travel
  • Andrew Parker – balloon pilot flying in over 80 countries around the world encouraging kids to dream big
  • Matt & Wendy Napier – Matt walked across Africa kicking a soccer ball as well as previously crossing Australia bouncing an Aussie football as part of their impressive advocacy work
  • Andrew Siess – constant nomad and seeker of the next bend in the road, he has visited more than 100 countries in his travels and all in a very unique and frugal way

Format of Travel Tips Sessions

  • 1-2 hour workshops with groups, classes, businesses & tours
  • 1-2 hour personal sessions with the traveller
  • 1-2 hour personal sessions with the traveller’s parents / family / friends
  • 1-2 hour personal sessions with the traveller and their parents / family / friends together
  • Presentations and workshops specific to authentic, ethical and purpose-driven travel
  • Personalised, tailored and longer sessions as needed and on-demand

Content of Travel Tips Sessions

  • Approaches for authentic experiences – a blend of humility & humanity
  • Best practices to volunteering and cultural immersion
  • Where good intentions match good outcomes
  • Culture shock and reverse (return) culture shock
  • Budget tips and how to make your funds last longer
  • Health and safety expertise
  • What to pack and links to equipment providers
  • Quality carbon offsetting tips and credits


  • Personal sessions $100 for an hour and $160 for two hours
  • Three one-hour sessions for $250 
    • One hour with the traveller, one hour with the family and a final hour all together
  • Small group workshops $80 per person for 4-9 people
  • Large group workshops $60 per person for 10-20 people
  • Presentations $1200 for groups of more than 20 people – school groups, businesses, tours
  • Sessions may also incur costs associated with transport and logistics

In every interaction 10% of fees go to poverty alleviation programs with Operation Hope in eSwatini

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I can’t wait to hear from you!   Happy travels, d’Arcy.