Teaspoons of Change

Personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet

Walk – good for mind, body, soul, spirit and the environment

Never buy bottled water – boil, filter, chlorine, rainwater, do what you can!

Reduce meat consumption or no meat, and lessen dairy intake as well

Grow at least some of your own food and have a relationship with it

Stop buying ‘stuff’ – do you need it? or just want it?

Be a conscious consumer – if something is cheap it is likely to be hurting people or planet in some way

Look after things so they last longer

If using paper use both sides of a piece of paper

Use LED lights, and powered by solar if possible

Cold water – washing hands, clothes, shower (do it!), dishes. The only need for hot water is cooking and a shower (if you’re not strong enough for cold showers!)

Keep yourself healthy so less visits to the doctor and that is better for all!

Instead of buying gifts, give your time as a present

Get a perspective on how 1 billion people live and Live Below the Line, on $2 a day for food and drink, for 5 days

Keep yourself healthy so less visits to the doctor and that is better for all!

Ride your bike

Shop, eat and drink locally – the money will circulate back into your community

Don’t eat or drink at big corporate chain stores – McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. they put profits ahead of people

Beware of foods that use a lot of energy and water to produce – cheese, meat, etc

Take your own grocery bags when shopping, if offered plastic bags politely refuse

Clear out clutter from your home and donate what you no longer need or use

Know your rubbish – know what is recyclable and specifically when, where and how it is recycled – it makes a huge difference

Pee in the shower and save water!

Solar – anything! Personal uses of solar technology – radio, charger, lights, etc.

Hot water – use less, it is a double save on water and energy!

Share everything! Food, money, things, anything! You’ll find it helps you too!

Speak to friends, family, people in your community, on FB, etc. about why you make good choices and take action – be a leader, be a role model!

Use public transport

Buy local and in-season food

Buy organic, and when possible, Fairtrade

Be conscious of packaging – the less the better, none is best

Try buy nothing new week/month – instead repair, be happy with less, do without

Don’t waste anything, use that last skerrick of toothpaste before disposal!

Switch off appliances at the socket

Take Teaspoons of Change showers – get wet, soap up and wash, and rinse. Works with bucket or shower!

Rechargeable – anything! Especially batteries, don’t buy or use one-use batteries

Volunteer at school and/or your community, ensure it is effective and fun!

Less is best! Less water, energy, waste, carbon etc. Or use renewable sources: rain water capture/solar etc.

The free things in life are usually the best – people, conversations, learning, reading, writing, walking, cycling, running, thinking, creating, sunsets, sunrises, forests, art, gardens, meditation, helping others or writing nice things about others

Avoid flying as much as possible

Fill your teaspoons with vegetables…

Don’t waste food

Take your own container and cutlery instead of using disposable take-away ones

Buy second-hand whenever possible when you do need to buy

Many R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, + Rethink, Refuse, Reconsider, Replace, Rent, Re-evaluate, Recalculate, Repair, Reconstitute, Revive, Renounce…

10 litres of water are required to make 1 sheet paper, don’t print unless you must

Turn off the Air Con, especially for sleeping – open a window, use a fan

Electronics – have your hobby but one camera and one gimmick can be enough. We add harm when we get sucked into new, better, flashier, faster, lighter etc.

Do 10 push-ups – feel good, be stronger mentally and physically or to keep warm

Collect moments not things – you’ll be rich in experiences and stories for life

Use your voice with your leaders – locally, domestically and internationally and get to know your member of parliament or government representative