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The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the big picture of Teaspoons of Change


What is a Global Citizen? How to be an active and effective one


Help vs Harm


Topics, issues and solutions for social, environmental and global justice

Make good choices. Be a global citizen.

d’Arcy Lunn’s dreams and daily life are dedicated to see a world without extreme poverty for everyone, everywhere and forever!

For the past 19 years d’Arcy has been to over 90 countries, given over 1000 presentations to more than 100,000 people and worked with leading aid, development and global education organisations and people.

d’Arcy founded Teaspoons of Change in 2014 to focus on the small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet creating positive change.

Since 2018 d’Arcy and his partner, Serafina, set up Teaspoons of Change to align business, education and government with the Global Goals personally and practically though Teaspoons of Change. They are dedicated for everyone to know, love and contribute to the Global Goals and do this through presentations, workshops, curricula support, professional development, policy and operations integration, marketing, human resource and much more.

Since 2001 d’Arcy has worked in international aid and development, youth leadership and engagement, as a communications expert, a keynote speaker and many other hats with the likes of UNICEF, Gates Foundation, JUMP! Foundation, Global Citizen, World’s Largest Lesson and others. Among other things, d’Arcy has also built two self-sufficient Happy-simply tiny homes, in 2014 he started Teaspoons of Change with a 1000km-walk in Japan and recently finishing his thesis on Teaspoons of Peace as a part of his Masters in Peace Studies under the Rotary Peace Foundation Scholarship, in Japan.

What a Teaspoons of Change Presentation aims to do and achieve

Connect people with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Engage, inspire and equip people with the tools to be effective global citizens

Promote and support the ideas and practices of global citizenship

Increase number and effectiveness of people taking action to create positive change

How you can utilise d'Arcy and his experiences

You can empower your community with Teaspoons of Change by:

Requesting a Teaspoons of Change Presentation and/or Workshop for yourself, your community, school, club, business, conference or event.


Utilising d’Arcy as a creative support for key champions working on global citizenship → helping the keen ones with the challenges they are facing


Collecting, compiling and sharing global citizenship resources, best practices and challenges from around the world → network good people doing good things


Engaging in a myriad of topics, issues, expertise and experiences d’Arcy has to offer related to global citizenship → simplicity, tiny houses, social media, polio eradication


Teaspoons of Change works on a passion basis, as an organisation they aim to be self-sufficient and act as a not-for-profit by giving their profits to support good organisations who contribute to eliminating extreme poverty, increasing equality & protecting our planet.

Costs for hosting presentations / workshops are modest but come with a high level of quality, experience and professionalism. Costs vary from one-off presentations to full and multi-day presentations and workshops.

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