Teaspoons of Change for the Global Goals


Custom-made Teaspoons of Change Videos to highlight and contextualise the positive impact you are having with your Teaspoons of Change, motivating more of them, more often! 


Get one made for your school, business, community, initiative, event, etc!

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We create specially edited videos showcasing your idea / initiative and how it fits with Teaspoons of Change and the bigger picture of the Global Goals

Our YouTube channel features videos we create of good people doing good things, Teaspoons of Change and the Global Goals. They are free to share on social media, websites, or in any way you choose

Ask for a personalised custom-made video

A short video with simple message specific to your school/business/initiative, possibly featuring Global Goals animation and Teaspoons of Change adding context and impact to your positive change in the world
We work with you to create an inspiring message that can be shared within the classroom/office, at a school assembly / work conference, and/or used across social media. Cost worked out on the scope of the project and likely number of days to complete…
Serafina uses Premiere Pro to create and edit the videos. Everything can be done via email and google drive and can use a mixture of your own video footage, Global Goals animations, Teaspoons of Change and a personal message from d’Arcy.  

To find out more, or request to have a video made