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An array of professional learning for teachers on global citizenship education, sustainability, service and more...

Below are a few professional learning sessions off the shelf but there are any number of possibilities depending on the needs of teachers


Highly interactive online sessions either as individual sessions or as a progressive series taking participants from an intro of global citizenship to more detailed and effective concepts and methods!

Topic: Global Citizenship Education

Title: Global Citizenship – who we are, not just what we do

Topic: Advocacy, Campaigning, Social Mobilisation, Behaviour Change Communications, Community Engagement

Title: Turning Ideas into Action

Topic: Peace Education, Inclusion, Restorative Justice, Non-Violent Communication

Title: Teaspoons of Peace – supporting a culture of positive peace

Topic: Awards System, Values-Based Education, Global Literacy, Collaboration Above Competition

Title: Polio Points – award & point system impacting personally, locally and globally


Topic: Sustainability, Simplicity, Tiny Houses, Volunteering

Title: Happy-simply: a sustainable lifestyle model and education project

A clear vision for the future, needs practical action today.

Teaspoons of Change are small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet. If we are to achieve the UN SDG Global Goals, then we need to have a personal and practical connection with them – one teaspoon at a time.

This interactive workshop will explore how schools, educators and students can incorporate and integrate the SDGs into who we are and not just something extra we do in service or global issues classes.

Participants will walk away with a global citizenship education lens to enhance their teaching and daily lives learning some key and simple concepts, models and approaches to being active and effective global citizens.

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Schools today are almost like mini (or large) NGOs, hoping to do good in the world but how do we know if good intentions match good outcomes and if there is a starting point of humility and humanity?

I’ve been fortunate to work in development with UNICEF, Gates Foundation, WHO and others as well as being a teacher, campaigner and advocate.

This workshop will explore models, perspectives, processes and practices that will enhance our efforts to turn good ideas into action with intention, humility and humanity.

There will also be a key emphasis on advocacy, campaigning and social mobilisation through active citizenship and community participation in our own lives, schools and communities.

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Personal choices, decisions and actions contributing to a culture of positive peace – individually and collectively.

I recently completed a Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan that took me around the world working with practitioners from Search for Common Ground in Liberia to Peace Jam and with Nobel Peace Laureates Leymah Gbowee and Jose Ramos Horta. It also included studies of key peace education academics such as Betty Reardon and Paulo Freire.

In this interactive workshop participants will take part in activities, discussions and group work to create individual and collective ideas, attitudes and actions that contribute to a culture of peace.

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Polio Points is an awards system that rewards students living the values or key competencies of the school and also contributes to the global eradication of polio.

The system goes like this: students do good deeds associated with school values or competencies, teachers award them points, the points are matched with a donation, and donations go to polio eradication.

There are many options to tailor this concept (not program) to enhance existing house points or rewards programs, or to simply turn values into action.

Polio Points exists in a number of schools around the world and is open for anyone to use as a short-term campaign or deeply embedded into a school culture.

Come explore, ask questions and walk through how you might intro a meaningful points system to your class or school.

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Quantity or quality of life, and where the best things in life aren’t things!

I’ve lead two Happy-simply projects building two self-sufficient tiny houses off the grid. Beyond tiny houses this workshop will look at volunteering, community engagement and sustainability.

In this workshop we’ll discover and discuss ways in which we can bring sustainability and social justice into the classroom and classes as not just something we do, but as a part of who we are and where just enough is plenty.

Plus, a detailed look at community engagement as well as aspects of solar and compost toilets to come together to build a tiny house or add any of these components into any home or school.

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45-s from Teaspoons of Change – small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet…

  • Pick & choose sessions or make special requests

  • Sessions are planned to be 45-60 minutes each

  • Cater all levels of teachers from kinder to university & business

  • Participants can be from 1 to 1000 people, if all have access to tech

  • Any sessions will be tailored to specific needs & many other topics & specialities available

  • All sessions comprise of quizzes, discussions, interaction & videos

  • Individual sessions are valued from $200

  • Also available for keynotes, individual workshops & other initiatives

  • See more on the website & d’Arcy’s bio here



Supporting Interaction & Integration with the Sustainable Development Goals 

  • Integrate all parts of the school through a context and narrative of the SDGs and personal contributions 

  • Equip the school, educators, staff and students to be active and effective global citizens

  • Work with leadership and staff on vision and strategy, as well as turning ideas, strategy & plans into action

  • Offer expertise in approaches and models, as well as culture creation to expand the breadth and depth of future intentions, practices and actions

  • Contextualise good work already being done and working towards a vision, outcomes and future strategies 

  • Provide resources, best practices and connections on global citizenship, leadership and action planning

  • Identify opportunities to easily align with the SDGs and share the associated benefits – internally & externally

  • Provide support for key champions and leadership teams enhancing the school community from within


We shift the narrative on the positive things ‘we do’, to them being ‘a part of who we are’ with personal and global contexts

Outcomes from engagements will include, but not be limited to: 

1. A shared vocab and narrative contextualising all aspects of the school, embedding the SDGs in the school strategy and culture

2. Essential understanding of the SDGs, at a personal and collective level, and how to take action for positive impacts on people & planet

3. Highlight, connect and contextualise what the school is already doing to support the SDGs and where it might choose to go

Engagement with Teaspoons of Change & the SDGs: 

  • Our engagement is about meeting schools where they are at, and enhancing them with an SDGs and Teaspoons of Change lens 

  • Overall, and specifically, we focus on and add value to: SDG engagement, sustainability, wellbeing, leadership, service learning, culture, strategies and other relevant topics, projects, events or initiatives

  • Engagements include a summary of observations, appreciations and recommendations for maintaining and enhancing progress

  • You also have access to Teaspoons of Change through d’Arcy (keynote speaker, presenter and facilitator), and Serafina (promoter, events support and video creator)



What You Can Expect After a Teaspoons of Change & SDG Engagement 

  • Sharpened vision, purpose and culture – a part of ‘who we are’, not just what we do

  • Attainment and recognition as a purpose-driven community

  • Competitive advantage in sustainability and social consciousness

  • Innovative ideas and actions for social, environmental and global change

  • Reduced costs with more effective practices and habits

  • Staff attraction and retention with greater job satisfaction & loyalty

  • Values-driven high performance culture

  • Personal, local and global sense of purpose

  • Where global citizenship, sustainability and service are not extra, but integrated

What We Do


Align schools, universities, curriculum and community with the Global Goals


Engage, inspire and equip students and educators with the tools to be effective global citizens


Understand how personal actions matter, and where they fit in the global picture


Offer expertise in: global citizenship, sustainability, service learning, community engagement and projects, social media, tiny houses and more


Integrate the Global Goals into the vision, values and across all subjects and curriculum


Identify issues, challenges and opportunities to align with the Global Goals


Give context and highlight the good already being done in a spectrum of doing more


Innovate and share effective ideas, attitudes and actions towards the Global Goals


Provide support for key champions and leadership teams


Collect, compile and share resources, best practices and curriculum from around the world


Provide a thorough and personalised list of Teaspoons of Change specific to your institute

How We Do It

We deliver a creative and intentional mix of information and inspiration through:


Presentations / Workshops


Professional Development for Educators


Mentoring and development for key staff


Leadership Development


Resources - from Teaspoons of Change, World's Largest Lesson and the Global Goals


Resources - from leading global educators & institutes


Points and Awards System - matching personal and local actions with global impacts


Community Connection & Engagement


Report writing and impact assessment


Analyse current set-ups, systems and practices


Custom-made videos


Experiential Learning


Events and road trips


Advocacy / Campaigns

SDG Progression & Continuous Engagement

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