Why Teaspoons of Change Exists

Teaspoons of Change exists to make the Global Goals personal, practical and fun



Connect with the Global Goals



Contribute to the Global Goals


Celebrate the Global Goals

In 2015 all 193 countries committed to making the world a better place through the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


The Global Goals are a set of 17 goals aiming towards three main achievements by 2030 – to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet.


Teaspoons of Change exists to make the Goals personal, practical and fun knowing that:


Small Actions X Lots of People = BIG Change!


As experts in Global Goals engagement, we integrate the Goals into the vision, purpose, culture and daily practices of individuals, businesses, education institutes and governments.


We identify and address issues, challenges and opportunities, and in doing so align you, your business, school or government with the Global Goals.


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