Meet the Team

Teaspoons of Change was founded and initiated by partners (both on and off the field) d’Arcy Lunn and Serafina Tané, they are joined and supported by a team of people who share the same vision and offer their skills, experience and passion to help create a better world aligned with the Global Goals, one teaspoon at a time.


Co-founder & Director

was raised in a religious cult in Aotearoa, New Zealand until the age of 17. When the cult collapsed, she set off on a journey across continents, learning and experiencing life in the real world.
Serafina comes from a corporate background in leadership and management and knows the importance of connection and community within an organisation. She embraces change and lives her daily life showing how we can play an active and positive role creating personal, collective and global change.
Her favourite Global Goal is number 10 – Reduced Inequalities




Founder and Co-director

exists to see the end of extreme poverty. He is the youngest of 6 children from rural South Australia (possibly also a cult). For the past 18 years d’Arcy has travelled to more than 90 countries wearing many hats as a global citizen educator, keynote speaker, communications specialist and youth leadership facilitator, with the likes of UNICEF, Gates Foundation, WHO, World’s Largest Lesson, JUMP Foundation, Global Citizen and many others.
d’Arcy has given almost 850 presentations to more than 75,000 people in the past 8 years and built two self-sufficient tiny houses.
His favourite Global Goal is number 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production


     Operations Manager

Andy has travelled to more than 70 countries, most whilst working as as an Environmental Scientist and Business Development Manager for a global marine science company. When offshore, Andy led teams of scientists in undertaking marine environmental baseline and habitat surveys, and onshore delivering presentations to clients and conferences across Asia.
Andy has a passion for learning, either through direct engagement with different peoples and cultures or through academic study. He holds a bachelors degree in Psychology, an Environmental Science degree, a Masters degree in Oceanography and is currently doing an online Masters with the University of London in Global Diplomacy, adding to his expansive views on the world.
Andy believes the majority of people have great capacity for change for the better, each in their own way and he shares Teaspoons of Change vision and enthusiasm for promoting meaningful change to achieve the Global Goals.
Andy’s favourite Global Goal is number 14 – Life Below Water



Genevieve is proud to consider herself a self-made woman. She has found strength comes through unity with community and appreciates the values of working with society to make a positive difference.  
Genevieve loves serving the community with many hats, including: The Lady Mayoress for the City of Adelaide, Patron for MOSH (Minimisation of Suicide Harm), the National Council of Women, South Australia, to note a few.  
Her passion for capturing stories has birthed a movement in Adelaide called #HerStory.  
Graduating in Communications, her marketing, advertising, psychology, and business development knowledge are from a global perspective.  
An optimist at heart, Genevieve believes that the world is a wonderful place where we can achieve the Global Goals, through Teaspoons of Change!
Genevieve’s favourite Global Goal is number 3 – Good Health and Well-being



         Workshop Facilitator

Rick is an ex-Australian Army Officer with extensive leadership and teamwork training experience .  As well as several operational command appointments he held a range of instructional and training appointments that included responsibility for the personal development and leadership training of naval and military officer cadets within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and for Regional Defence Forces as instructor, guidance officer and mentor.
He was the inaugural Director of the Australian Defence Force Peacekeeping Centre (ADFPKC) and was appointed as a Senior Special Fellow of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) for his authorship of a number of peacekeeping publications on behalf of the United Nations.
Since leaving the army Rick has worked with a variety of international organisations; corporate, government and non-government developing their leadership and team capability.  He is highly valued as a facilitator/presenter with a pleasant and friendly personal style that ensures a positive learning experience.  Ricks workshops and programs focus on experiential education and learning, he enables individuals to embrace knowledge and transform it into practical tools.
Ricks favourite Global Goal is number 1 – No Poverty

Meet more of the team soon!

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