d'Arcy Bio & Portfolio

Presenter - Educator - Humanitarian

My life and dream is to see a world without extreme poverty for everyone, everywhere & forever!


I spend my time, energy and passion working towards a world without extreme poverty.

I’m a qualified teacher from Australia but for 18 years I have been a humanitarian, educator and mostly learner in over 90 countries. From these experiences I have been absolutely privileged to learn from almost every kind of community and culture, which has formed my never-ending thirst for sharing my experiences and offering opportunities to play an active role in equality, justice and global awareness.

My journey started in 2000 when I was plucked early from university to teach in a remote Aboriginal school in the outback of Australia. Since then it has been my passion, and quest, to seek out the most different and diverse cultures in the world, learn from them, and share my experiences, skills and perspectives.

Fast forward to 2018 and in that time I’ve given hundreds of Teaspoons of Change presentations and workshops, worked on the ground in development with UNICEF in South Sudan, Uganda, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan and with donor countries; created a project on simplicity and sustainability and built two tiny homes (Happy, simply); initiated a polio program for schools (Polio Points); walked 1000km in Japan; cycled many thousands of kms on advocacy cycling trips and currently I’ve just completed a Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan with the Rotary Peace Fellowship, and wrote my thesis on the concept and initiative of Teaspoons of Peace.

All the work I do is aimed at global equality and sustainability:

Teaspoons of Change – personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project. 2 tiny homes built.

Polio Points – an award and reward system helping to end polio, one point at a time.

Teaspoons of Peace – small but significant ideas, attitudes and actions to contribute to a culture of positive peace.

To date, I have been privileged as an educator to give over 850 global awareness presentations, to more than 80,000 people in schools, conferences, keynote speeches, Rotary Clubs and various events.

I am an ambassador, advocate and enthusiast with many organisations including (and my roles with them):

JUMP! Foundation Senior Facilitator and Advisor

Global Citizen Youth and Schools Manager

The World’s Largest Lesson Advisor and Presenter

The End of Polio Campaign Manager

UNICEF U-Report Consultant ambassador

RESULTS Ambassador

…plus many, many others.

I enjoy the best things in life – meeting, connecting and learning with people. I relish any opportunities to present, facilitate, learn and share. Please let me know if you would like me to play a role with you, and your community, for greater global citizenship.


Presentations, Workshops and Experiences

Teaspoons of Change

I walked and cycled over 2400km giving presentations and writing daily updates on the personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet

JUMP! Foundation 

Programs for empowerment and leadership 

JUMP! is not a presentation to inspire others it is a process for others to inspire themselves

I’m a senior facilitator and consultant for youth and educator empowerment programs



The World’s Largest Lesson 

A yearly lesson dedicated to learning more and taking action on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

In 2016 I helped write the main lesson plan on Gender Equality


Polio Points

A revolutionary award and reward system where people do good deeds locally, which also vaccinates a child against polio, globally.

I’m the director and helped initiate Polio Points at the International School Brunei in 2012 and linked them with UNICEF Pakistan and disadvantaged communities to receive polio vaccinations

Polio Points can be designed to complement any award and reward program to give the tangible reward of immunising a child, globally, while encouraging global attitudes and ACTION, locally




Happy, simply

A sustainable lifestyle model and education project

I have built two self-sufficient, sustainable and simple 10m2 home with volunteers in New Zealand and Australia.  The model is more than a house it is also volunteering, cycling and much more

I practice happiness through simplicity that is ultimately better for yourself, your community and the environment as we can have more with less, and where the best things in life aren’t things


The End of Polio & Polio Points

Presentation and Polio Eradication 

This presentation brightly highlights the efforts in global collaboration for the eradication of polio

My personal interactions and experiences on eradicating polio have taken me from Australia to the US, Canada, Pakistan, India, New Zealand, Uganda and South Sudan in the past three years



Global Citizen  & Global Poverty Project 

A very slick organisation looking at the topics and issues of extreme poverty, how they can be understood and most importantly what we can do to addressed them with action

I have passionately given Global Poverty Project presentations over 300 times to over 30,000 students and others



The Practical Application of Social Media for Social Justice (SM4SJ) 

I was invited by Google in the US to create SM4SJ presentations by showcasing my efforts, and that of the Global Poverty Project, to engage and inspire others to act for a world without extreme poverty

The presentation includes a number of discussions and debates on effective use of social media


Live Below the Line

Campaign and Presentation 

Live Below the Line is a challenge to live on $1.50/day for food and drink, each day, for 5 days…

I helped in establishing this campaign in Australia in 2009 which is now a global phenomena

In 2012 I did the Live Below the Line challenge whilst riding my bicycle 1000 miles from Oregon, USA to Whistler, Canada and back living on $1.50 of food a day