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d’Arcy Lunn’s dreams and daily life are dedicated to see a world with access and opportunity for everyone, everywhere!

For the past 24 years d’Arcy has experienced 99 countries, given over 2000 presentations to 170,000+ people and worked with leading development, environmental, social justice and global education organisations and people.

His self-initiated concept and organisation, Teaspoons of Change, focuses on the personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Since Aug 2020 to present, d’Arcy is the Group Head of Sustainability and Global Citizenship with Education in Motion (EiM) Group of Schools including Dulwich schools, Green School Bali and other education institutes with over 11,000 students and is based in Shanghai, China.

d’Arcy is engaged online and around the world giving keynote presentations, podcast interviews, facilitating youth empowerment programs, supporting global citizen education networks and working with leading organisations and projects including the United Nations and INGOs.

Among other things d’Arcy has also built two self-sufficient Happy-simply tiny homes and in 2014 started Teaspoons of Change with a 1000km walk and 1500km bike ride in Japan.

In June 2018 he completed a Master’s in Peace Studies in Tokyo, Japan through the Rotary Peace Fellowship and now also gives Teaspoons of Peace presentations and workshops.

d’Arcy is also an ambassador, advocate and enthusiast with many organisations including: World’s Largest Lesson, JUMP! Foundation, Global Citizen, Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens, End Polio Now, UNICEF, WHO, Gates Foundation, RESULTS, the Global Education and Leadership Foundation, Live Below the Line and many others…


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