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Teaspoons of Change Award System is a value-add system for donations, giving them double the impact – locally and globally





Meet d'Arcy and Serafina

The people behind Teaspoons of Change

Serafina Tané and d’Arcy Lunn are partners by day and by night. They come from different backgrounds and experiences but are strongly united under the concept of Teaspoons of Change knowing they can both have a positive impact on the world, as can anyone, in each of their unique ways.


June to December 2017

d’Arcy will be visiting many people, places and countries to research for his master’s thesis looking at what is a culture of peace and how can Teaspoons of Peace make a positive contribution…

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to connect with d’Arcy or would like a Teaspoons of Change presentation while he travels around the world!

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In the News!

South Australia’s Newspaper, The Advertiser, recently published an article on d’Arcy, his life journey, his experiences and his outlook on life.

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