Teaspoons of Peace

Small but significant choices, decisions and actions creating more positive peace in the world

Smile like you mean it and want to share a piece of peace with someone

‘Go to the balcony’ when that feeling of anger or rage comes on take a moment mentally to go to the balcony and take a moment out of the situation

Go for a walk and appreciate as much as you can

Think about forgiveness, not easy but can be powerful!

Listen to someone’s story, their slice of life, and what they like best about themselves, their life and the world

Use the power of positive peace and flip a usual angry reaction with love

Celebrate diversity and how wonderful it makes your life (better than tolerance)

Run an appreciation / gratitude journal

Breathe – when frustrated or angry where nothing else can be done stop and take 5-10 deep soulful breaths

Eat less / no meat, extend your peace to all living things

Think about something that makes you laugh, have it ready for when you need it to bounce back from upsets

Investigate your annoyances and their root cause – is there a way to max the positives and mini the negatives

Random act of kindness – thank you note to a cleaner, random text of appreciation

Assume someone that is making you angry is having a bad day for a reason and try to listen to that reason

Try a breathing mantra – inbreath: ‘breathe in the goodness of the world…’; out breath: ‘go out and make the world a better place…’

Get out of your bubble and meet someone you wouldn’t normally meet or talk with – on a bus, at the checkout, sitting on a bench…

 Listen to a feel-good song, dance if you can and celebrate being alive in whatever form that might be

Show the same compassion, understanding and love you might have for that person or thing in your life that can do no wrong or where that wrong is accepted

Say hi to the person next to you and ask what they are doing this evening

Listen not hear people, see not look at people

What would Mandela, Malala, Jesus, Buddha, etc, do…!

Say to thank you to yourself in the morning to have an absolutely sensational day

Cry if you feel it, don’t fight it, give into it, allow it and appreciate it

 Know good people doing good things for positive peace and creating a culture of peace