Meet the Team

Serafina Tané and d'Arcy Lunn

Serafina and d’Arcy are partners by day and by night.  They come from different backgrounds and experiences but are strongly united under the concept of Teaspoons of Change knowing they can both have a positive impact on the world, as can anyone, in each of their unique ways.


was raised in a religious cult in Aotearoa, New Zealand until the age of 17. When the cult collapsed, she set off on a journey of self-discovery across continents, learning and experiencing life in the real world.
Serafina now embraces the world as her community, having the same access and equal opportunity for everyone, everywhere, she believes you can never feel alone being a Global Citizen.
Serafina has managed teams in the banking sector, facilitates Teaspoons of Peace and Teaspoons of Change workshops, has her own blog The Art of Being Human, is a student mentor, inspires change wherever she goes and is usually the go-to person for most of her friends (and strangers!) to get perspective and inspiration.


wasn’t brought up in a religious cult but is the youngest of 6 children from rural South Australia (possibly a cult actually). For the past 16 years d’Arcy has traveled to more than 85 countries around the world and struggles to answer the questions of what is your job and where do you live?
d’Arcy works sometimes in aid and development as a communications specialist, often on polio eradication, and at other times in youth empowerment and global citizen education having given more than 700 presentations to more than 65,000 people in the past 8 years.
When he gets to click his heels three times he returns ‘home’ to either of the two Happy, simply tiny homes he built with communities in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand.